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i'm becky and this is ezra.


i started FAMILY art & craft in 2022 with hopes of supporting our family financially through something that inspires joy in my heart & soul: art & craft.

i've enjoyed creative endeavors all of my life. attraction to beauty (physical, emotional, & spiritual) has been a powerful motivator for my choices in life and this venture is no different.


it wasn't until i experienced the sudden onset of a chronic illness (ME/CFS) in 2019, and the loss of many of my previous developed abilities needed to thrive in the workforce, that i considered sharing my joy of beauty with the world.

ezra is also exploring ways to express his joy, light, and creative passions. his art and designs will be available here as long as he desires!

ezra's & my creative expressions are available in the

FAMILY: art & craft shop

products include dishware, stationary, footware, wall art, magnets, ornaments, & much more!

print-on-demand companies provide all products, as well as printing, packaging, & shipping.

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